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“Tumble”-  For Boys/girls grade 3+.  Progressive tumble program uses fast trak and tumble track, mini tramps.   1 hour per week.   

“TNT”- for boys and girls grade 3+ combining 30 minutes of tramp with 30 minutes of tumbling.

“Trampoline”-  For Boys/girls 5+. Progressive tramp uses mini & large tramps. 1 hour per week. 

“Super Tramp”-  for boys/girls 9yrs+.  New skills & combinations taught  Intro into elite level. 2 hours/week

“Real Tumbling for Dance”- We teach you proper technique and conditioning to SAFELY tumble well at dance competitions. 1 hour/week


“Twisters”-  For girls  grade 3-6.  Includes 30 min of tramp combined with 1 hour of gym instruction. 1.5 hours/ week. 

"Gymnastics"- gymnastics class for girls grade 3+ on Olympic equipment, with badge system. 1hour/week

“Glitter”- competitive, advance training using our elite system for those with CANGYM Badge Bronze+. 3 hrs or more/week

"Katies Retirees Class" - Calling all former athletes! Come back and ease into the sport you love! Focus on skill building and having fun! 1hr/week

"TNG" - Tampoline and gymnastics combination class. gymnastic events and trampolines/DMT. 1 hr/week

Boys & Girls Grade 3+