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Tot lot hop Gym

We are provide 3 distinct program options:

  1. Instruction Classes- follows Can Gym Badge or Preschool Achievement Programs from Gymnastics Ontario.  Includes Tods & Two, Hoppers, Froggers, Gym Dandy, Flyers,  Sparkle, Glitter. 
  2. High Activity– “Action Mania” Is a discounted get active, get fit “drop in” class held 3x’s a week.  Is a drop in class that can change each week! 
  3. Camp or classroom– Kinder Gym attend 3 hrs gym, tramp, crafts, group work… just like at camp or a classroom!

"Tods & Twos"- (16 mths-under 3 yrs) with adult.

Gymnastics circuit, songs, tot tramp, parachute, fun!

"Hoppers"- gymnastics program for 2-3 yrs, boys & girls. 

Age appropriate apparatus instruction. Parent optional.

 "PreGymnastics"- b/g PreK, JK.  Intro of badge levels and more formal skills.  60 minute class.

"Flyers" - (JK, SK) 30 minutes of tramp in the main gym

and 1 hour of gym in the tot lot.

"Kinder Gym" -Day Time Program 3hrs- combines Gym and sport elements with social interaction. Weekly themes, curriculum based crafts, story emphasizing class routine. Perfect Pre K preparation!

Main Gym

"Gymnastics"- ♥ progressive gymnastics program for JK/SK girls held in main gym. Uses Cangym badge system.

"Action Mania"-Drop In Class! - main gym/tramp, pit all physical activity! Designed to meet your schedule! 12 classes can be used once a week, multiple times per week, or all 3 days of the week!

Toddlers, Preschools, & JK/SK